DEU Cinema & Transmedia Institute


About DCTI

The Cinema & Transmedia Institute at Dong-Eui Universi- ty (DCTI: former Visual Media Center), established in 2005, aims to expand the horizons of cinema studies through research combining art, humanities and technol- ogy. Its main research fields are documentary and exper- imental cinema as well as newly emerging transmedia strategies such as interactive cinema and VR·AR·MR. The DCTI is strongly oriented towards interdisciplinary research in order to lead a new paradigm of cinema studies suitable for the era of media convergence. It also plays a role as a hub for national and international researchers offering an opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas. For this purpose, the DCTI conducts various activities, in theoretical and practical terms, including academic conferences and seminars, publica- tion of journals and books, documentary/experimental film production and photography workshops, etc.. Since 2017, the DCTI has been adminstrating the Universi- ty-Centered Research Laboratory Supporting Project (ASK), supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), for ‘Research on Post-Documentary : From Anthropological Cinema to Interactive Documentary.’

   Research on Experimental & Alternative Aesthetic of Cinema    Research combining theory & creation    Research on Documentary, Experimental Film & Moving Image
   Research on Interactive Cinema & VR·AR·MR    Technological Research on Transmedia
   Proliferation of Research Results    Popularization of humanities    Research on Region-Specific Industries

Activities & Projects

Research on Post-Documentary &
Experimental Cinema in perspective of Media Theory &
Media Philosophy

Seminars & Forums

- Annual Busan International Transmedia Forum(BITForum)

- Busan Film Criticism Forum Co-organized by Busan Film Critics Association (BFCA)

- Busan Cinema Policy Forum

- Monthly Seminar on Cinematic Dispositif


Master-class with Filmmakers

Publication of Academic Journal (Dispositif) & Books

Documentary and Experimental Film Atelier & Cinematography Workshop

Support for Documentary Production with Busan Cinema Centre

Korean-French Co-Production of Interactive Documentary

University-Centered Research Laboratory Supporting Project (ASK)

Research on Post-Documentary :
From Anthropological Cinema to Interactive Documentary

Theoretical Research on Post-Documentary

- Cinema Theory, Media Theory & Cinematic Technology After World War II

- Prototypes of Post-Documentary

- Cinema Theory, Media Theory & Cinematic Technology in Transmedia Era

Case Study on Post-Documentary

- Interactive Documentary, Animated Documentary & Desktop Documentary